Years later, scorned Santa still loves Philly

Elizabeth Merrill has a wonderful holiday tale about Frank Olivo, the guy who was dressed as Santa Claus that day 43 years ago when disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles fans booed him and pelted him with snowballs as he walked on the field during the halftime show. It was a day that shaped the reputation of Philadelphia fans as the toughest in sports, but Olivo -- who is one of them -- holds nothing against those who treated him so poorly back when he was 19 years old:

Olivo's mailman knows he's the Philly Santa. Nearly everyone in the city is familiar with the story, even the rookies on the Eagles' roster who were decades from being born when the snowballs flew.

"Well, naturally, I love it," Olivo said. "I'm the guy that wanted to be in show business, so this is as far as I got.

"My 15 minutes of fame lasted 43 years, you know?"

Hard to read the story and not like Olivo. And personally, I never knew the story to this extent, so I found it fun and interesting. The video that goes with it isn't bad either. Anyway, it has nothing to do with Saturday's game, but every now and then it's okay to step back and look at something a little different, no?