How you feeling? Eagles-Cowboys

As you get ready for this afternoon's division game in Arlington, Texas, here's one reason for Dallas Cowboys fans to feel good and one reason for Philadelphia Eagles fans to feel good.

Cowboys feeling good: The Cowboys love to throw the ball deep, and the Eagles have been abysmal this year at defending the deep pass. Assuming the Cowboys' line can keep Tony Romo upright against a rejuvenated Eagles pass rush, Romo should be able to find his three talented wide receivers for the kinds of big plays that have killed the Eagles many times this year.

Eagles feeling good: The Eagles are playing better defense than they have at any time this year, and their 27-point victory over the Cowboys in Philadelphia in late October was one of their best all-around games this season. Those two things should combine to give the Eagles plenty of confidence, and if the Giants oblige them by losing the early game against the Jets, the Eagles will go into the game in Dallas with all of that confidence and a healthy dose of excitement over still being alive in the playoff race.