Breakfast links: Cowboys, Giants prepping

Three days until the NFC East title game. Three days of anticipation and fretting. Four, really, if you count all day Sunday until the 8:30 pm kickoff time. But we'll be all right. We have our links.

New York Giants

Giants linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka says that, if the Giants play the kind of complete defensive game they believe they can play, they will shut out the Cowboys on Sunday night. I don't get the Giants this week. If the Jets or another team that was getting set to play them was saying this same stuff, they'd hate it. And yet here they are, saying all of it. They must be feeling pretty good, is all I can think.

Victor Cruz says he was surprised he wasn't named to the Pro Bowl, probably because he ranks second in the NFC in receiving yards. I can see his point. Maybe if his team puts him on the fan ballot next year, he can make it next year.

Dallas Cowboys

With starting left guard Montrae Holland out with a biceps tear, Derrick Dockery is getting first-team reps at that position in practice. That doesn't mean for sure he's going to start at left guard Sunday ahead of Kevin Kowalski, but it's a pretty strong sign that he might.

Quarterback Tony Romo practiced Wednesday in spite of his bruised throwing hand, but the Cowboys are going to hold defensive stars Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware out of practice for much of this week so they can rest their nagging injuries. They did the same last week, and those guys were able to play. I imagine they'll see more action Sunday, which could mean they see a little bit less action in practice in the days leading up to it.

Philadelphia Eagles

Paul Domowitch runs down all of the ins and outs of the Eagles' looming decision on DeSean Jackson and concludes that it's time for the Eagles to let Jackson go. The idea is that the risk and headache outweigh the talent at the likely cost, and truthfully the sense I get is that Jackson will be playing his final game as an Eagle on Sunday.

And in what may be the biggest turnaround of the NFL season, with one week to go we have a Philadelphia columnist arguing that Andy Reid deserves one more chance. Rich Hofmann writes that the Eagles had a plan, that it didn't necessarily require a Super Bowl appearance this year and that Reid should be allowed to come back and continue to try and make the plan work in 2012. I believe this is what should and will happen.

Washington Redskins

Dan Daly thinks the reason London Fletcher can't get to the Pro Bowl is because the Redskins don't win enough games to be relevant in the minds of the people who cast the votes. It's a legitimate theory, because I don't know how much more one could ask from a player than that which Fletcher gives week in and week out.

Rex Grossman says his confidence is at an all-time high. Couple of things on this: First, can you imagine how high that confidence would be if he'd only thrown 18 interceptions in his 12 games this year instead of 19? Or if he'd only thrown 17? Second, this is a guy who predicted during the preseason that the Redskins would win the division. What's happened since to send his confidence higher than it was that day?