Landry Jones: Another QB option bites dust

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones has announced that he will return to school for his senior season instead of entering the NFL Draft. A draft that once appeared as though it would be teeming with quarterback talent now offers one less option for teams that need help at the game's most important position.

This applies here because of the Washington Redskins, who enter this offseason with quarterback as their most pressing positional need. They hold the No. 6 pick in the draft, which looks as though it won't be high enough to get Stanford's Andrew Luck or Baylor's Robert Griffin III. And with USC's Matt Barkley having announced last month that he was also staying in school, the options are dwindling. They could trade up to take Luck or Griffin, but as potential quarterback options continue to drop out, the price for the ones who remain will skyrocket. It's simple economics: If supply goes down and demand remains constant, price goes up.

Jones was not going to be a high first-rounder this year (which might be part of the reason he decided to return to school), but he might have been available late in the first round or early in the second if the Redskins wanted to make a move there after addressing another need (say, wide receiver) at the No. 6 pick. There are other options that fit that description and will be available late in the first round and/or early in the second, but again ... not as many as there were this morning.

If they don't think they can find a quarterback in the draft, the Redskins could sign someone like Matt Flynn, Kyle Orton or even Peyton Manning in free agency. All options are on the table as they work on fixing their quarterback situation. But if they were looking at Jones as one of them, they can cross him off the list. And they can thank him for making their mission more difficult.