Breakfast links: Coughlin missed postseason

Just feels like something's missing. A Tuesday with no Power Rankings. What do we have to get angry about? Well, there's the chat. And you know you can always count on the links.

New York Giants

Ian O'Connor chatted with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who admits he missed being in the playoffs "a lot."

I don't understand the deal with Greg Jennings and what he said on Twitter, because I heard a live interview with Jennings on the radio on Sunday morning in which he said the Packers don't even think about the 2008 playoff loss to the Giants. So I don't get what that's about. Regardless, Antrel Rolle, who never stops talking, says the Giants are better now than they were when the Packers beat them by three points on Dec. 4. And I think he's right.

Philadelphia Eagles

John Smallwood says it's a mistake to read Jeffrey Lurie's postseason news conference as a Super Bowl-or-bust ultimatum for Andy Reid. I'm not sure who read it that way. But I do think Reid's 2012 team needs to at least threaten the doggone thing or else Lurie's 2012 postseason news conference is going to have a different outcome for the Eagles' head coach. The Eagles will need to be one of the best teams in the league in 2012. A Super Bowl title, as Lurie knows, depends on too many capricious elements to serve as the basis for an ultimatum.

Sheil Kapadia has a breakdown of the Eagles' secondary performance in 2011 under coach Johnnie Lynn, who was fired Saturday.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon reports that Cowboys secondary coach Dave Campo, who's been with the team 18 years, won't be back in 2012. As we've written here before, Jerry Jones is all-in on Jason Garrett as head coach, and it appears this offseason will offer Garrett the chance to make his own coaching staff a little bit.

Along those lines, Calvin Watkins wonders if former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, who has a good relationship with Garrett from the time they spent together on the Cowboys' staff, could return as an offensive line coach. Lots of shuffling still potentially in the works here.

Washington Redskins

Evan Bliss hands out some awards for the Redskins in the wake of their 2011 season. It's not pretty.

John Keim reviews the offensive line, and concludes that the Redskins will need to find a new right tackle and add depth behind the starters at the other positions. The line was an area of strength for the Redskins for much of the season, while it was healthy and not suspended.