Breathless Spagnuolo speculation

There appeared to be, at one point today, a report that suggested Steve Spagnuolo could join the Philadelphia Eagles as defensive coordinator by the end of the week. This got everyone in a tizzy, as such things do, and what has turned out to be the case is that the report actually did not intend to say that, that Andy Reid is on vacation this week anyway and that Spagnuolo-to-the-Eagles is still just something everyone in the NFL assumes will happen at some point. Reuben Frank summarized the silliness pretty well.

Look. I understand that this is 2012 and everybody wants everything to happen NOW! NOW! NOW! But it's been eight days since Spagnuolo was fired as head coach of the Rams. Even if the Eagles are interested in him, and even if he's interested in them, that's not a very long period of time in which to finalize something like this. Spagnuolo surely has received and will receive other offers, and it'd be foolish not to hang out for a while and see if something better comes along. And the Eagles, even if they've decided to pursue Spagnuolo for defensive coordinator (which we don't know that they have) still would have to figure out how to work such a move in around current coordinator Juan Castillo, current defensive line coach Jim Washburn and all of the stuff they worked to install this past year.

As Rueben points out, this move is something that may very well happen, but it's no sure thing and there's no real reason to believe it will be or should be rushed.