Scouting the draft: Line help for Skins?

Reason No. 6,431 you should sign up and be an ESPN Insider: We have an NFL draft blog. And I know, from Twitter, from the mailbag, from everything I hear from every corner of the NFL fan world, that you're all completely obsessed with the NFL draft.

In this recent entry, Steve Muench took a look at some interior line prospects (offensive and defensive) that could turn up in some of the later rounds. He mentions the Washington Redskins specifically when discussing Iowa State guard Adam Gettis, who he says is a bit undersized but makes up for that with good strength and technique:

His lack of size and concerns about his ability to stay healthy will almost certainly hurt Gettis, but he should still come off the board relatively early on Day 3 (Rounds 4-7). In fact, the Washington Redskins would do well to land him early in the fourth. The Redskins feature zone blocking up front and head coach Mike Shanahan has had success playing undersized offensive linemen with the quickness to excel in his scheme.

So there you have it. You want to tell me I'm not looking out for you guys? We just dropped a name of a potential fourth-round Redskins pick more than three months out from the draft. I'm telling you. Insider. It's the way to go. And no, I don't get a commission. Though maybe I should look into that.