So, Bill Callahan's title is interesting

The Dallas Cowboys officially announced the hiring of assistant coaches Bill Callahan and Jerome Henderson, and the official press release came with a mild surprise. Callahan's title will be offensive coordinator/offensive line coach. We knew he was coming in to coach the offensive line (and Henderson to coach defensive backs), but "offensive coordinator" is a title that current Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has held since 2007 and kept this past year even after moving into the big job.

There was much discussion toward the end of this season, as questionable in-game decisions mounted, about whether Garrett could or should be asked to continue handling his play-calling responsibilities as offensive coordinator along with the considerable responsibilities of the head coach. So the fact that Callahan gets the coordinator title is an eyebrow-raiser. Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com reported via Twitter than Garrett would keep his play-calling duties, but that's not addressed (as one would not expect it to be) in the 101-word press release the team sent out Thursday.

It's entirely possible that Garrett will see no change in his actual duties, and that coordinator was a title the Cowboys needed to give Callahan to entice him to join their coaching staff. (There were rumors, after all, that the Jets were hoping to keep him and promote him to coordinator.) But given the concerns about Garrett that cropped up toward the end of the year, it will be interesting to see what adjustments, if any, are made to the way the offense runs next year. Again, may turn out to be nothing, but worth keeping an eye on.