A couple of weekend links

Usually we take a break from the links on the weekend, because of the cholesterol. But it's the playoffs, so just a few won't hurt too much.

  • New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs and Green Bay Packers defensive back Tramon Williams were high school teammates in a tiny town in Louisiana once upon a time. They'll play on opposite sides in Sunday's playoff game. This is an enjoyable story by David Fleming about the path both guys took. My favorite quote is from a recruiter, who described Jacobs in high school as "something Oliver Stone would've created for a football movie."

  • Very interesting John Branch story in The New York Times about the artificial heating and lighting systems that keep Lambeau Field's "frozen tundra" warm and green through the Wisconsin winters. Won't be very cold there Sunday, at least by Wisconsin winter standards.

  • A top-five post on "What Went Wrong" with the 2011 Dallas Cowboys wasn't enough to cover it all. Todd Archer has a few more things. Five rushing touchdowns all year really doesn't seem like enough.

  • Bleeding Green Nation, with the help of the National Football Post, muses on Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict as the cure for what ails the Philadelphia Eagles' linebacker corps.

  • And the Washington Redskins are keeping their general admission ticket prices the same for the seventh year in a row. Which is nice. I think if they raise them after their next great season, people really won't mind.