Breakfast links: Giants 'can't be beat?'

Little bit of snow and ice on the ground here as I went to bed last night, but it all seems to have melted away by morning. Must be the proximity to those red-hot Giants.

Also hot, fresh and ready to go are today's links.

New York Giants

Antrel Rolle articulates the vibe emanating from every corner of the Giants' locker room and organization at this point. "In our minds," he says, "we can't be beat." I've said this a few times over the past week or so: There's something about the way these guys are saying this that, when you hear it, doesn't sound arrogant. I know that's crazy to say, but the sincerity with which this team believes in its own abilities right now is striking. I've covered championship Yankee baseball teams that hedged more when they talked about what they could accomplish. And those guys almost always sounded arrogant!

With the help of some of the participants, Sam Borden and Richard Sandomir relive the last Giants-49ers playoff game from nine years ago. Beware, though, Giants fans who remember the game. It's not for the faint of heart.

Philadelphia Eagles

This Giants run isn't sitting very well in Philadelphia, where fans of the brutally disappointing 2011 Eagles are naturally wondering if their team could have made it this far if it had managed to get itself in the playoffs. Rich Hoffman says no, and he's got a few reasons, not the least of which is the difference between the two teams' quarterbacks.

The DeSean Jackson situation still looms as the most pressing player-related issue the Eagles face this offseason. Garry Cobb writes that, should the Eagles lose Jackson or decide to let him go, it's a good offseason in which to find a replacement No. 1 receiver.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins writes that the main difference between the Cowboys and the Giants is that the Giants are more mentally tough. He also writes that the Cowboys have greater personnel deficiencies at offensive line, secondary, pass rush and wide receiver depth than do the Giants. Maybe, maybe not on some of those, but the fact remains, if the Cowboys had just beaten them once, or held on against the Cardinals, this story would read a lot differently. The fact that the Giants have made this run doesn't obscure the fact that the NFC East race could have gone any one of three ways with two weeks to go. What's not in dispute, though -- and never was -- is the Giants' mental toughness. They have that in buckets.

Yeah, and Dez Bryant's in the news again, reportedly having been detained after a fight at a Miami nightclub. Hey, who hasn't been in fight at a Miami nightclub, right? Seriously, though, we obviously don't have all the facts, and it doesn't appear Bryant was arrested. But when you're Dez, and you have Dez's record of off-field knuckleheadery, then justified or not, this goes on the pile, doesn't it?

Washington Redskins

Ryan Kerrigan spoke with his hometown paper about his rookie season with the Redskins, the adjustments he had to make to have the success he had, and what it was like for he and his fellow rookie linebackers to have to buy dinner for the veterans.

Folks in Washington, D.C., and Prince George's County, Md., have been working on ways to try and get the Redskins to move their training facility to one of those places, but it appears Loudon County, Va., which is where they are now, is going to at least put up a fight. Says here they're offering to build Dan Snyder a Redskins Hall of Fame. Snyder's in luck if multiple entities are bidding against each other for this, of course.