From the Beast stats department

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- By my count (Giants media guide), that was Jeff Feagles' 532nd punt downed inside the 20. Even at age 43, he's still the best in the league at directional punting. He only missed Jerry Jones' scoreboard by 40 feet. Terrell Thomas was in excellent position to down the punt -- and he was bailed out by Bryan Kehl.

Good sign for Cowboys: Outside linebacker Anthony Spencer is making some nice plays against the run. He and Igor Olshansky have held Jacobs in check for the most part. The biggest issue for the Cowboys is accounting for Giants wide receiver Steve Smith. He keeps finding soft spots in the zone. He's on his way to a big evening.

Eli Manning's staring down his receivers a little too much in the first half -- and he just missed Smith on a deep in route. OK, that's the two-minute warning.