Breakfast links: Giants' red-hot WRs

Friday links require no introduction.

New York Giants

What would you like to know about Giants wide receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks? Elizabeth Merrill has you covered in this week's Hot Read, which details where they came from, how they got here and what they're doing to make sure and maintain their early professional success.

Dave D'Alessandro looks at the Osi Umenyiora situation, which right now is that Osi had decided not to talk about the lingering contract issue that will rear its head again once this is all over and instead focus on making plays and inspiring his defensive teammates to do the same.

Philadelphia Eagles

What are the Eagles' options at defensive coordinator now that Steve Spagnuolo has signed with the Saints? Les Bowen takes a look, though the more you read and think about this, the more you figure they're just going to stick with the guy they already have.

The Eagles' team website is doing a position-by-position breakdown of the offseason and this installment focuses on defensive tackle, where they have two strong starters in Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson but need to get more production out of the rotational players behind them. A healthy Antonio Dixon, for example, would be a big help.

Dallas Cowboys

Head coach Jason Garrett says sure, he could see himself giving up play-calling duties somewhere down the line. It's just not going to happen in 2012. Remember, this guy has job security. The owner has thrown his support behind him and pointed out that Garrett is "just getting started" as a head coach. Garrett doesn't have to make changes out of concern for his job, and that's actually the way it should be if you have a young head coach and you want to put him in a position to succeed.

Jean-Jacques Taylor takes his turn in ESPNDallas.com's "Fixing the Cowboys" series, and he thinks the biggest issue that needs fixing is the Cowboys' fragile psyche. Not sure how you address that, except by winning. And they did finish the two seasons prior to this one fairly strong, if I recall.

Washington Redskins

Yeah, the Redskins writers all got on the Mel Kiper Jr. conference call Thursday to ask about quarterbacks. What Mel had to offer wasn't exactly encouraging. With the Colts set to pick Andrew Luck at No. 1 and it looking increasingly likely that Washington would need to trade up to get Robert Griffin III, the possibilities include Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles and the gigantic Brock Osweiler. You know, or Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning in free agency. Long way to go here, folks.

Of course, as Dan Steinberg writes, there's suddenly a hot Washington rumor that the Redskins have already chosen their 2012 quarterback. Though the circumstances of said rumor seem sketchy at best.