Breakfast links: Super Giants

SAN FRANCISCO -- Ah, links by the bay, on the morning after the New York Giants managed to put themselves back in the Super Bowl. Some have been complaining, for the past couple of weeks, that this blog has been Giants-heavy. To those people, I say: sorry. It's not about to get any better.

But you know, when you're after democracy and fairness, you can always count on the links.

New York Giants

Hey! Guess who showed up at Candlestick Park to watch his brother win the NFC Championship Game. Yeah, that's right: Peyton Manning. Peyton is very proud of Eli Manning, as he should be. Eli Manning is a stone-cold killer.

In fact, the biggest difference between this year's Super Bowl-bound Giants and the team that won it all four years ago may be the extent to which this is Manning's team -- and the extent to which the Giants rely on him. Ashley Fox muses eloquently on this idea.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen has a look at quarterbacks the Eagles could target in the draft, if they want to take a shot on finding a developmental guy in the middle rounds.

Jeff McLane ponders the question: "What if the Eagles' defensive issues weren't the coordinator's fault?" Specifically, Jeff is musing on whether the Eagles' defense has enough size on it.

Dallas Cowboys

New Cowboys secondary coach Jerome Henderson is looking forward to working with Rob Ryan again (the two were together in Cleveland) and has some very definite ideas about the kind of players he wants and the way he expects them to play, as Calvin Watkins writes.

The death of Joe Paterno has had a great effect on the Penn State community, which is a large and far-flung one that includes players and coaches in every NFL city. Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee released a statement through the team about his thoughts on losing his college coach.

Washington Redskins

Wow, it's tough to find Redskins links right now. All of the Washington papers were covering the Ravens this weekend, and the blogs seem a little slow, too. Fortunately, we have Redskins.com, which excerpts a recent Adam Carriker interview in which he discusses how much he enjoyed being around rookie Jarvis Jenkins this year ...

...and has photos of the practice bubble being inflated at Redskins Park. No longer will Washington be the only team in the NFL that has to cancel practice when it rains!