Giants' Tuck will not return vs. Cowboys

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Giants' Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck left the game with a shoulder injury and won't return. The Cowboys have noticed Tuck is not in the game and are gashing the Giants with the running game. For some reason, Tony Romo passing is off tonight. Even near the goal line, he's not putting any touch on the ball, so he just ran it in on the quarterback draw to give the Cowboys a 24-20 lead. The Giants didn't have anyone up the middle.

Defensive tackle Barry Cofield stunted on the play, leaving the middle wide open for Romo. He tried to spike the ball, but his celebration was interrupted by several teammates. Hard to believe the Cowboys are up 24-20 with how they've played. Before the game, Giants general manager Jerry Reese told me the team that causes the most turnovers will win. That's not the way this thing's going right now.