NFL Any Era: Day two

No NFC East players in today's edition of the Any Era Team, which is our project in which 20 Hall of Fame players and Hall of Fame writer John Clayton voted for the 20 current players they believe could have played in any NFL era. I'm not telling you if our division has one or two or even I guess 12 in the top 12, which will be rolled out over the next three days. But I did ask for your input Monday, so here's some of it.

A lot of people mentioned Eli Manning as a candidate, because he's obviously hot right now and exhibiting the kind of toughness that would seem to be a qualification for this list.

Justin Tuck, Jason Witten, Trent Cole and DeMarcus Ware all got some support, but I think the guy who was named the most in the comments section yesterday was Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher, who doesn't generally get as much attention as some of those other guys but probably fits the description of "Any Era" player pretty well. Great teammate, hard worker, tough, selfless, not driven by fame or credit... I like Fletcher as a candidate for this list. But again, I can't tell you whether he or any of the rest of those guys made it. Tune in tomorrow to see if we have anyone in the No. 9-12 portion of the list.