Jerry Jones checks in with The Beast

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was kind enough to take the blog on an exclusive tour of his new stadium Tuesday, in the above video, which will also show up on ESPN's "Monday Night Countdown" this evening. Not sure who the guy in the safety goggles is, but he seems to be a little hazy on the topic of "fritted glass."

Oh, and here's the column on the stadium tour. There's some debate on what this stadium will end up costing. I've heard $1.1 billion for a while now, but someone from the Cowboys said it will end around $1.3 billion. Jerry told me he could've kept "coaching" at Texas Stadium and saved some money, but he didn't want to short-change fans -- or his pockets.

Moments ago, I saw Leon Lett walk into the Wing House. First time I've seen the reclusive player in years.