Breakfast links: Super Bowl Tuesday

INDIANAPOLIS -- Morning, all. Hope you're all doing well out there in the sane world.

The pedometer says I walked 14,714 steps on Monday at the Super Bowl, bringing the grand total since Sunday's arrival to 24,693. And we're just getting started out here. Heck, today's media day.

Ah yes. Media day. Eager to see what this year's funniest media costumes are. This is not the day when the most real work gets done, as you may know, but if you go into it with the right attitude you can have some fun with it. Also, it helps if you get your links.

New York Giants

Tom Brady won't be the toughest quarterback on the field Sunday, Ian O'Connor writes. Eli Manning will. As evidence, Ian points to all Manning has had to go through to get to this point, including try and live up to his famous brother, who happened to be the dominant topic of his Monday news conference.

Mathias Kiwanuka is back in his hometown for this game, and back to the place where he nearly lost his brother in a motorcycle accident. Kevin Armstrong talked with the Kiwanukas.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid's decision to bring back Juan Castillo for another year as defensive coordinator is a big one, Jonathan Tamari writes. Nothing less than Reid's coaching future rides on it. That's kind of why I don't agree with those who believe this was an act of stubbornness. There's too much at stake for Reid. Anyway, Reid will talk today at noon. I'll be at the Giants' portion of media day when that's going on, but I will track it and blog on it later this afternoon, I promise.

If you want to relive Castillo's first-year performance game-by-game, philly.com has you covered. If you don't ... well, it'd be hard to blame you.

Dallas Cowboys

No less a Cowboy great than Roger Staubach has joined the chorus of people who believe that Tony Romo is not the team's problem. This seems obvious to me, but I bring it up here because (a) it's not obvious to everyone who reads this blog and (b) those to whom it's not obvious may be more inclined to listen to Staubach than to me.

Mat McBriar's leg problems this year were apparently caused by a cyst below his left knee. So he's going to have surgery to get that taken care of.

Washington Redskins

Rich Campbell did a really nice, detailed story off of Senior Bowl last week. Redskins exec Scott Campbell (no relation, I assume) let Rich tail him around Mobile, Ala., and talked in-depth about the ways in which the Redskins are trying to transition into a team that builds through the draft.

London Fletcher got in a teeny bit of hot water with the NFL for a tweet he sent out during the Pro Bowl offering money to a follower who could predict the final score. Jeez, letting them tweet during the game seemed like such a good idea, too.