Breakfast links: Super Bowl Wednesday

INDIANAPOLIS -- There are four days, 10 hours and 29 minutes until kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI, and I'm sure that, no matter which team on this blog you're a fan of, the thing can't get here soon enough. Personally, I'm having a fine time here and looking forward to the media availability Wednesday and Thursday with the New York Giants. Media day gets all the hype, but these are the days when we really get to do good work.

Step count: My pedometer tells me I took 16,687 steps on Tuesday, bringing my total since arriving at my downtown Indianapolis hotel Sunday afternoon to 41,380. This website I found tells me that's about 19.6 miles, and it doesn't count my treadmill time. (Haven't missed a day!) So I'm doing the legwork for you guys, in case you were worried, which I kind of don't think you were.

Too much Giants? I don't know. I mean, they're in the Super Bowl. I'll continue to monitor Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys news as it happens, but for this week, it's basically Giants. Except for the links, where all are equal and the Giants only come first because we do the links in standings order.

New York Giants

If Ian O'Connor is writing on Mark Herzlich, I'm reading it, and so should you. I'm big on guys who can tell cancer to kiss their butts.

The Super Bowl could be the last game in Giants uniforms for Osi Umenyiora and Brandon Jacobs, but as Ohm Youngmisuk writes, they're not thinking beyond Sunday just yet.

Philadelphia Eagles

Rich Hofmann wonders if the Eagles really wanted Steve Spagnuolo or if they just offered him a job out of kindness and to go through the motions, knowing he'd get better offers and not force them to figure out how to rearrange their coaching staff. Totally worthwhile question, and we may never know the answer.

Andy Reid also sort of addressed the DeSean Jackson issue, which now looms as the biggest offseason question still facing the Eagles. Jackson is supposed to be here in Indianapolis on Thursday. I'll keep you posted if I bump into him. My bet is he's played his last game as an Eagle, but what do I know?

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon has 46 reasons the Cowboys aren't in Super Bowl XLVI, and he did them in Roman Numerals, which I completely dig.

The Cowboys want Laurent Robinson back. Robinson's agent wants to see if he can get Robinson the biggest deal possible off his coming-out season in Dallas. The dance begins.

Washington Redskins

All-time Redskins great Darrell Green is not overly excited about the current state of the franchise. I feel Green's pain, to paraphrase a great fellow Hoya, but I still think, if you take the long view, you have to be encouraged about the direction.

Mike Jones writes that it's too early for the Redskins to decide if they want to pursue Peyton Manning, which is true. They need to know first that he's healthy and not going to retire. But we can be something close to 100 percent certain that he'll be released by the Colts before March 8, and if he is healthy, I still think he makes sense for the Redskins if they can address their other needs in the draft and free agency.