Breakfast links: Okay, so now what?

INDIANAPOLIS -- Well, yeah, that was interesting. The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions, I'm a pineapple and a ridiculously wild season in the NFC East has come to an end.

In the coming weeks and months, I will take time off, I promise you that. But I'm not disappearing completely. There is free agency upcoming, and the draft. Heck, the scouting combine invades this very town in like two weeks. So we'll have plenty to fuel our discussions and keep us busy. But in the meantime the offseason begins, as it must, with links.

New York Giants

Ian O'Connor spent some time with the beaming family of Eli Manning after Peyton's little brother came up with his second Super Bowl MVP performance.

Giants owner John Mara says there's not one coach in the league for which he'd trade his, Tom Coughlin. The talk about Coughlin retiring is silly. He's getting a multiyear extension out of this, and he should.

Philadelphia Eagles

Bob Ford writes of another disappointing Super Bowl Sunday for Andy Reid, and ponders the reasons Reid hasn't been able to do what Tom Coughlin has now done twice.

Garry Cobb is thinking about the Eagles' draft and has a look at linebacker Zach Brown as a possible early option if they decide to go with a linebacker early. (Yeah, I know.)

Dallas Cowboys

ESPNDallas.com has begun a 12-part series that will take a position-by-position look at the Cowboys' offseason plans and needs. The first installment is on quarterback. They obviously don't need a starter, but they could be in the market for a veteran backup.

Landry Hat watched the Giants in the Super Bowl and got to thinking about defensive linemen and pass-rushers, which the Cowboys need and could pursue in the draft.

Washington Redskins

Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the Redskins would be interested in pursuing Peyton Manning if the Colts cut him as expected. Adam also reported that the Redskins would look into Kyle Orton and Matt Flynn. My money's on Orton as the most realistic option if the Redskins decide to address quarterback through free agency and fill other needs in the draft, but I still think Manning's the best option if he's healthy. Adam also has some info on Manning's contract situation.

And in case the Redskins do look for a quarterback in the draft, John Keim has your scouting report on some of the ones that will be available.