Breakfast links: Jacobs wants to stay in NY

Today's all about the love, folks. No hate. No anger. No bitterness or name-calling on the blog today, please. For one day, let's make it all about the love. By now you know I love you all equally. I show this daily, through links.

New York Giants

How much do the Giants love Brandon Jacobs? Maybe more importantly, how much does Jacobs love the Giants? Jacobs says he'd like to stay with the Giants and would be willing to restructure his contract to do so "as long as it's fair." He's got a $500,000 roster bonus and a $4.4 million base salary coming this year, and the Giants right now are about $7.25 million over the projected salary cap. Jacobs restructured his deal last year to help the Giants re-sign friend and backfield mate Ahmad Bradshaw. Will he be willing to give back $2 million or $2.5 million of that base salary this year to stay? He wants to stay in New York and mentioned the Jets as a possibility if the Giants let him go. That makes a lot of sense both ways, which is just one more reason it was so silly of Jacobs to go after Rex Ryan after the Christmas Eve game. But I don't know. Maybe that made Ryan like him more. We'll see.

No questioning David Diehl's love for the game. Not after he played the final month or so of the season with a broken left hand. Diehl had surgery Monday and tweeted out some X-rays of the new spiderweb of screws in his finger. Love the loopy post-surgery guys tweeting X-rays. One of my favorite Twitter fads.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles fans would love to see their team pick a linebacker in the first round, even if they know history indicates that's got almost no chance of happening. Les Bowen caught up with Boston College's Luke Kuechly, who's the name most commonly connected with the Eagles in mock drafts these days.

Regardless of whether they improve the linebacking corps, the Eagles' coaches would love to see the cornerbacks tackle better in 2012 than they did in 2011. As Bleeding Green Nation learned by checking Pro Football Focus' year-end rankings, the Eagles had some of the worst-tackling cornerbacks in the league last year. Nnamdi Asomugha ranked as the second-worst tackling corner in the league. On a day that wasn't all about the love, we might point out that that's not very good.

Dallas Cowboys

Joe Baker loved catching passes from quarterback Jason Garrett when the two were teammates at Princeton in the late 1980s, and now he's come to Dallas to work for Garrett the head coach. Baker joins the coaching staff as an assistant secondary coach, teaming with Jerome Henderson to try and improve one of the Cowboys' worst-performing 2011 units.

Nobody loved the experience of the Super Bowl in Dallas-Forth Worth, but Jerry Jones would love to try again and is expected to bid for the 2016 game, which would be the 50th Super Bowl or (blech) Super Bowl L. Jones will get another Super Bowl, there is no doubt. Roger Goodell has said many times that the stadium is the most important element of a Super Bowl bid, and no one's got a stadium half as sweet as Jones'. We can all only hope that he and the surrounding communities do a better job of handling the whole thing the next time around, and that if they have a freak February ice storm they at least have some salt or sand on hand to get the darn stuff off the highways.

Washington Redskins

Jason Reid doesn't love the idea of the Redskins pursuing Peyton Manning, and his basic argument is a familiar one -- the Redskins need to be thinking about the future. But I continue to ask to those who put forth this argument: Wouldn't trading up to get Robert Griffin III be potentially more detrimental to the Redskins' future than using all of those picks to fill other needs and then plugging in one of the best quarterbacks in history? Describing Manning as a "fading star" is shortsighted. He was an MVP candidate two years ago and missed this past year with an injury. If he's healthy, and if they can't deal up for Griffin at a reasonable price, there's no good reason not to go all-out after Manning.

Finally, how can you not love John Beck, who still thinks his chance is coming and that he'll take full advantage of it? Never mind that it came and he didn't. The guy is just really positive, upbeat and confident -- even in the face of incredible evidence to the contrary. He's the perfect guy for a day that's all about the love.