Breakfast links: Redskins draft thoughts

Friday links require no introduction.

New York Giants

The one drawback to winning the Super Bowl is that you have to wait a month longer than everyone else does to have your postseason surgeries. But David Diehl said his hand will be fine, and he enjoyed taking part in a Wrestlemania news conference Thursday at MetLife Stadium.

Victor Cruz continued his star turn with a stint at Fashion Week as a guest of Tommy Hilfiger. Really, that's all I've got. I looked and looked and looked for a second Giants link. My guess is that everyone who writes about the Giants is still sleeping off the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles GM Howie Roseman has nothing but good things to say, publicly, about DeSean Jackson and wanting him on the team. This is no surprise. What will be a surprise is if the Eagles don't exercise their right to make Jackson their franchise player at some point in the next couple of weeks, then look into trading him.

Other than Jackson, the Eagles have the looming free agency of players like Evan Mathis and Antonio Dixon to consider. Mathis in particular was a major contributor at left guard in 2011, and the Eagles likely will have interest in keeping him off the open market by doing a new deal as soon as possible.

Dallas Cowboys

ESPNDallas.com's position-by-position series took a look at outside linebacker and the decision on whether or not to franchise Anthony Spencer. Tim MacMahon believes that the $8.8 million franchise number is too much to pay a "non-impact player," and that a long-term deal for Spencer would have the effect of "rewarding mediocrity." I guess my question is whether they can upgrade the position. Spencer may not be the impact player Cowboys fans want him to be, but he's hardly the worst outside linebacker in the league. Unless they can find someone better, or get a guy like Courtney Upshaw in the draft, it may be wise to keep Spencer around until a better solution presents itself.

Clarence Hill says the Cowboys are likely to end up with more than the $12.667 million in cap room they're already projected to have, once they cut Terence Newman and restructure some deals, and that they plan to be aggressive in free agency and use it. Which is good. Teams should use their cap room, I think.

Washington Redskins

Rich Campbell takes a look at the reasons Peyton Manning would be a fit with Mike Shanahan in Washington, and the possible enticements a pairing with Shanahan would offer for Manning.

Todd McShay's draft conference call Thursday was big news in Washington. He spoke about the potential of Ryan Tannehill creeping up into the top half of the first round and said, off the top of his head, that he thought it would take a first-round pick, a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick to trade up to No. 2 overall and get Robert Griffin III. Based on the draft value chart teams use to evaluate the worth of draft picks against each other, it looks as though Todd is underestimating the cost, especially if more than one team is interested in the deal. I think, if the Redskins could get the No. 2 pick for that price, they should do it. But I think it'll cost more.