Breakfast links: Combine's this week

Morning, all. It's 22 days until the start of NFL free agency and a couple of days until the start of the scouting combine. It's also six days until the Oscars. I have this thing where I try to see all of the Best Picture nominees before the show airs. I have seven of the nine with six days to go, but I'm struggling to find a place nearby where "War Horse" is still playing. Gonna be close. Better have some links.

New York Giants

The Jersey Journal has the story of Gian-Paul Gonzalez, who can lay claim to originating the "All-In" battle cry the Giants used over and over again en route to their Super Bowl title.

I also liked this from David Kamp in the New York Times, about his lifelong relationship with the Giants and the way it's grown out of and affected a couple of his other, more important relationships. Presumably, at some point this week, we will find actual Giants news again. But in the meantime, couple of good, offbeat reads for ya.

Philadelphia Eagles

Did you know Luke Kuechly's last name is pronounced "KEEK-lee?" I didn't, until my brother, who's a Boston College grad, told me last week. Anyway, Kuechly's one of several defensive players on whom the Eagles will have their eye when the scouting combine opens later this week in Indianapolis. No, I'm not going. Spent enough time in Indy for one month, thank you. It was lovely, but I'll blog the combine from home.

Over the weekend, Asante Samuel (@thepresidentcb) asked his Twitter followers, "If they trade me where would you guys like to see me go????" Samuel's future is weighing on his mind, no doubt, and it's a major issue facing the Eagles as the offseason begins.

Dallas Cowboys

Rick Gosselin says the Giants' success should show the Cowboys why they need to make pass-rusher a draft priority, and he thinks it might be more important for them to think pass-rusher at No. 14 than cornerback. I still think it depends on which of those two areas they address more completely in free agency.

The Landry Hat thinks the Cowboys need to move on from Martellus Bennett and replace him with a lower-cost blocking tight end. I think the Cowboys are way ahead of you on this one, guys. But we'll see.

Washington Redskins

John Keim has a look at what a quarterback like Robert Griffin III goes through as the Redskins and other teams begin the extensive process of evaluating every aspect of them they can.

Dan Daly says the Redskins are more than just desperate for a quarterback solution. Daly thinks they're really up against it, because the array of options available to them this year doesn't include any perfect solutions. Amen.