Chat Wrap: Landry era over in Washington?

We had our chat Tuesday. It was fantastic. Groundbreaking. Epic. I'm working on my acceptance speech for Sunday night in the category of "Best Performance by an ESPN.com NFL Division Blogger in a Weekly Chat." But since the Academy refuses to play the highlights of the chats during the awards show, I figure I ought to offer a few of them here.

Phil (San Diego): "Is the Laron Landry era officially coming to an end in DC? If so, isn't he a restricted FA, how high do you think the skins will tender him?"

Dan Graziano: "It is my understanding that Landry is UNrestricted. But regardless, I don't think he comes back to Washington unless it's on a one-year, low-base, incentive-heavy deal. I think they need to see him play before making a major commitment. And they really haven't seen that over the past couple of years."

Will (Lexington, Ky.): "You say the Eagles think [Jeremy Maclin] is a No. 1 WR, but do you think he is? I still have my doubts."

DG: "I think he has that ability. I don't think he was fully healthy this year. Remember, he had those medical issues in the offseason and probably didn't work out as much as usual. But he was a first-round pick, and I promise you they took him with the idea that he might be able to replace DeSean Jackson if they didn't keep Jackson around long-term."

Wildoat (Montreal): "About your [Osi Umenyiora] thinking: 1) It seems not well enough realized how big it is that he is a strip-sack threat, meaning direct cause of turnovers. That's huge. I think now is time to hope for a SB repeat. Keep him with something like last year's bonus structure with understanding he wants to hang with team and go for it one last time. Giants DL gels better when opposition has to contend with JPP, Tuck and Osi all functioning well & healthy."

DG: "I hear ya. Osi's a fantastic player. As I wrote, there's no way they could replace him with someone as good as he is. But I'm not sure his value is ever going to be higher, and if he's going to leave after next year anyway (which I assume he is, since they don't seem to want to extend him), why not get something now? They have coverage at the position."

Mike (Paducah, Ky.): "Would it make any sense for the Cowboys to sign Mario Williams as a 3-4 DE and keep [Anthony Spencer] around? At about 6'6" 290, Williams has the requisite size and he has the skills to be extremely disruptive. Williams and Spencer on 1 side and Ware and Ratliff on the other is pretty formidable.I'm sure it's unlikely sine most rushers don't want to play 3-4 DE but it would make sense, no?

DG: "I think 3-4 DE would be a waste of Mario Williams, and I don't think a team's going to want to waste a guy after making him maybe the highest-paid defensive player of all time. Williams might make sense for the Cowboys as a 3-4 outside linebacker and Spencer replacement, but I still think he's at his best rushing from a 4-3 DE spot, and will look for a role like that."

See you all on the red carpet.