Chat wrap: A Jeremy Maclin rebound?

We had our chat. Always one of the most fun parts of my week. If you weren't there, I definitely wish you had been. So much so that I hereby provide you with a quick recap of some of the highlights.

Derek (work): Jeremy Maclin flying a bit under the radar for next year? Dude was really sick last year. He looked like a top 5 WR two years ago. Giant leap forward in 2012-13?

Dan Graziano: Yeah, I think people underrate this aspect of the DeSean Jackson situation. Maclin was drafted in the first round. The Eagles see him as a guy who can be a No. 1 WR, and they drafted him in part because they weren't sure about Jackson's long-term future in Philly. He was extremely sick this time last year, and it's fair to assume his performance and health suffered as residue of his offseason issues. I believe he's a serious bounce-back candidate.

Mark (Oregon): Isn't saying the Eagles will take a giant leap forward a bit like saying the Redskins need to cowboy up?

DG: You just blew my mind.

Peter (North Hollywood): There hasn't been much talk about Paul Soliai from Miami and where he might end up. With his size wouldn't he be a great fit for Rob Ryan's D? That would give the Cowboys a chance to move Jay Ratliff to Anthony Spencer's side which should make them both better. (Even though the Joneses insist on watching Ratliff break down year after year at the nose)

DG: Peter, I saw this raised recently on the Cowboys' web site, and I think I posted on it. I think it's a great idea. I think moving Ratliff to end to help the pass rush and getting a more traditional massive NT like Soliai for the middle makes complete sense for Dallas, and while I haven't seen or heard any indication that they're considering it, I agree with you that they should.

LaRon Landry (Louisiana): With the Redskins placing the franchise tag on Fred Davis, what does this mean for my future in Washington? Could an eventual release become more of a reality or can the front office and I agree on a incentive laden contract?

DG: I think you'd really have to be willing to take a tiny little guarantee and heavy incentives to return to Washington. And I think your name value alone will get you bigger offers elsewhere, from teams that haven't grown frustrated with your ability to get on the field.

Drew (London): Do you think that the Giants are considering starting Mitch Petrus full time? He looked pretty good filling in last season.

DG: I know they like Petrus long-term, but I don't think they know yet whether he'd be ready to start next year. They like the way Kevin Boothe played, and with Chris Snee likely to bounce back, they have a lot of depth at those interior OL positions. Means they can play David Diehl at RT if they don't get anyone for that spot.

Dave (PA): Which coach has the best sideline expression in the NFCE? I'm split between Coughlin and Shanny.

DG: Haha. Very different expressions, for sure. Both more fun than the Andy Reid angry walrus or the Jason Garrett robot. Mike Shanahan's is a classic, but I love the raw emotion you get with Tom Coughlin. Put me down for Tom C.

We do this every week. We're going to do it again next Tuesday, in the final hours before the start of free agency. That should be legen... wait for it...