Breakfast links: Peyton Manning chatter

Feels like spring. The NFL draft must be right around the corner, no? Man, we'd better load up on links.

New York Giants

The Giants have told longtime right tackle Kareem McKenzie to seek work elsewhere, according to The Record. Not a surprise that they're cutting ties with McKenzie, but it does show that the Giants are conscious of the need to keep overhauling their offensive line before it all gets too old together.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin joins Giants quarterback Eli Manning in condemning the idea of bounties in the NFL. My reaction to this is: "Mike Krzyzewski has a radio show? And he administers it this time of year?" Also, I'm with Tom and Eli.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff McLane thinks the Eagles should kick the tires on Peyton Manning, in part because Michael Vick has apparently given him "plenty of evidence that he doesn't have what it takes to win a Super Bowl." A) That seems a little harsh; B) people used to say the same thing about Manning; and C) don't the Eagles have bigger problems to work on?

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins doesn't think, after talking to people in the know, that Cortland Finnegan would be a great fit for the Cowboys, since he's a similar cornerback to Orlando Scandrick and they need someone who can cover on the outside. A fair point, and valid. I just think they need as many quality bodies back there as they can find, and signing Finnegan doesn't preclude them from going out and finding their outside cover guy too.

It's conceivable that one reason Keith Brooking is making noise about wanting to come back to the Cowboys is that he's being sued for nearly $2 million by Wells Fargo for unpaid loans, though Brooking denies the accusations.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones lays out the pitch the Redskins are planning to make in their effort to lure Peyton Manning to Washington. The Redskins are a long shot to get Manning, and of course are still hoping they can trade up to the No. 2 pick in the draft and take Robert Griffin III. But in case they can't make that move up in the draft, it looks as though they're going to make an effort on ol' No. 18, who'd be a pretty incredible fallback plan if he turns out to be healthy.

Mike Wise says the Redskins need Manning more than he needs them. Which is certainly true. Never hurts to ask, though.