Breakfast links: Skins already out?

Friday. Links. You know what to do.

New York Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw has had some sort of (non-surgical) procedure done on his foot, according to The Star-Ledger. Bradshaw played through December and January with a stress fracture in his foot, and the issue does not appear to be one that's going away anytime soon. It was the second year in a row Bradshaw played while managing the injury, and 2012 is likely to be the third. Bradshaw is a tough dude, and the Giants are fortunate to have him. But if Brandon Jacobs isn't back next year, they'll need to make sure they have someone reliable to play behind Bradshaw or to spell him when he inevitably needs a rest.

Justin Tuck says he doesn't care where Eli Manning's brother plays next year, as long as it's not in the NFC East. Justin thinks highly of Eli's big brother and would rather not have to play against him twice.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia takeaway from Mel Kiper's national conference call Thursday was that the Eagles will have to move up from No. 15 if they want to draft Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly. Mel has them taking at defensive tackle if they stay in that spot. Someone told me on Twitter yesterday that it'd be "boring" for the Eagles to pick a DT in the first round. I laughed a little. Just because the NFL has successfully sold the draft as entertainment for fans doesn't mean the teams see it that way, right? The Eagles will pick the guy they think most helps their team. Even if it's a boring pick.

Nick Fierro thinks acquiring Peyton Manning would be "worth the risk" for the Eagles. He's not the first to raise this. I think we had a Jeff McLane link on this today, and both seem to be largely based on a conclusion people in Philadelphia have reached that Michael Vick can't lead them to a Super Bowl. I'll just say that nobody's ever proven they have what it takes to lead a team to the Super Bowl until they actually led a team to the Super Bowl. Oh, and I don't think the Eagles are getting Manning.

Dallas Cowboys

Blogging the Boys ponders DeMarco Murray as the possible next Cowboys superstar, not a ridiculous idea if he continues to get the opportunity he got last year and is able to keep himself healthy. Hard to see a long career for the young man, given the way he runs, but he could be very, very good for a short time.

And we'll stick with the blogs and link to The Landry Hat's free-agent rundown, in part because they seem to agree with me on the Mario Williams issue. I've heard the chatter about how franchising Anthony Spencer doesn't necessarily eliminate them from Williams, but given their other needs I actually think it does. We'll see, though, come Tuesday night.

Washington Redskins

During the afternoon Thursday, Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington reported that "a couple of different sources inside the organization" told him that Peyton Manning had made it clear he didn't want to go to the Redskins. I have no doubt Chris's sources told him that, but I find it hard to believe that Manning's camp would have communicated such a message so early in the process. Even if Manning doesn't want to go to Washington, there's no point in eliminating suitors until he's secured the best possible deal in his most desirable landing spot. I imagine there'll be be some spin coming out in the next day or so that disputes Chris's report, which may ultimately turn out to have been true all along.

While the possibility is still alive, I figured John Keim's thoughts on Manning-to-Redskins would be worth reading, and they are. In particular, I like how John makes his first point about Manning's relationship with Mike Shanahan and then a second, common-sense point about how the Redskins would obviously be willing to adapt their offense to Peyton Manning because who in their right mind wouldn't?