Cowboys looking at Carr, Orton

No signings yet as NFL free agency is still in its first hour. But thanks to our man Adam Schefter, reporting live on the NFL Live set, we have some clues about some of the teams' intentions. Schefter has so far reported that free-agent cornerback Brandon Carr and free-agent quarterback Kyle Orton are planning to visit the Dallas Cowboys in the early days of free agency.

These first-day visits matter, because teams tend to try as hard as they can not to let the players leave their facilities without a deal. The fact that Carr is going to Dallas first indicates he's the Cowboys' top choice to fill their need at cornerback, ahead of Cortland Finnegan, who's visiting his former coach Jeff Fisher in St. Louis. I think Carr's a better fit in Dallas than Finnegan is, since he's probably better on the outside, and that's what they need.

As for Orton, the Cowboys were one of the teams that put in a claim for him when the Broncos cut him during the season. They were outranked on the waiver wire by the Chiefs, who got him. But with Jon Kitna retired, the Cowboys are looking for a reliable veteran to be Tony Romo's backup. And Orton, who began each of the past two seasons as the Broncos' starter, is certainly that.

Adam also reports that free-agent wide receiver Laurent Robinson, a player the Cowboys had hoped to retain, was scheduled to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars Tuesday night. If Robinson's getting offered No. 1 or No. 2 wide receiver money elsewhere, don't expect the Cowboys to match it.