War of words! Toomer vs. Shockey

This has little to do with free agency, except that Jeremy Shockey is a free agent and there was a story in the New York Daily News on Thursday that raised the possibility of a return to the New York Giants. But that story led to a strong Twitter reaction from former Giant and former Shockey teammate Amani Toomer. And that led into an extremely nasty reaction from Shockey on Twitter. Let's take a look.

It began when Toomer (@AmaniAToomer) tweeted to the writer of the Daily News story: "No!!Shockey'I will never play4 you again!'he yelled at jerry Reese in 08. Let him keep his word. Bad teammate, worse person."

And when the comment got noticed by some other members of the media, Toomer tweeted to them: "don't worry about it. My tweet is not going anywhere. I stand by what I say."

So, well, Shockey (@JeremyShockey, with a Twitter bio that says "Life Coach" for some presumably hilarious reason) saw the story and reacted thusly: "It's funny how the Ny media still try's to make money off me! Can anyone find a quote from me on me wanting to play for the GAINTS?"

Good thing the bio doesn't say "Spelling Coach," right? Also, it's unlikely that Gary Myers made any extra money as a result of his story this morning, but we can give Shockey a pass for not understanding how that works.

Anyway, Shockey also noticed Toomer's reaction, and decided to shoot back with a flamethrower.

First: "Amani Toomer on Jeremy Shockey: Bad teammate, Haha. Well he was the lazy one that broke my leg!!"

Next: "yes remember when his ex divorced him and he urinated on a her cloths I guess he's the good person"

And finally: "Go get a bucket of rocks and start throwing them at your glass house"

Toomer's reaction to the leg thing: "I did, but I under Stand now that I was getting old. A tough pill to swallow.I got over it. Still a gman 4 life."

Toomer's reaction to the ex-wife thing: "Shockey,Thanks 4 proving my statement about being a bad person. Lieing about my EX.Low blow.Enough said.Have a nice day& good luck as a FA"

Bottom line, I'd think the chances of Shockey returning to the Giants are about the same as the chances of either of these dudes getting work as high school writing tutors. But this was fun!