Tony D. sounds off on Tony Romo

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

When you ask the most famous Tony in Cowboys history to comment on Tony the quarterback, you never know what might happen. Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett had some interesting thoughts on Tony Romo when he joined Fox Sports Radio on Monday. He thinks Romo is a media-created superstar and that he was anointed too quickly in 2006. Here's some of what Dorsett had to say, via sportsradiointerviews.com:

"Well, for one thing, I don’t know why on God’s earth Tony Romo has been anointed a superstar in the National Football League," Dorsett said. "Tony is very young in his career. Not to say you can’t be young in your career and be a superstar because you’ve got one up there in Minnesota in Adrian Peterson. But the thing is this: You have a guy who hasn’t done much and quarterbacks in the National Football League, most of them go through this growing curve. He hasn’t gone through that growing curve, but he was anointed this great player all of a sudden. Now he’s having to live up to that. And obviously Tony has some deficiencies. I mean, he’s a young quarterback, that’s going to happen.

"He’s not going to be on top of his game every game, week in and week out, because this game is a very fast moving game and he makes some decisions sometimes -- he’s like a gambler man, he takes chances and sometimes those things, he gets bit in the butt by that. But, he’s a good player who’s still learning how to play in the National Football League and I think the media has given him too much credit for doing nothing. He hasn’t done anything really in the National Football League to deserve all the recognition and visibility that he’s gotten so far. And now he’s going to have to live with how they treat the quarterback in the National Football League whether you’re a young quarterback or you’re a superstar or you’re not. When you win, you get a lot of the credit. When you lose, you get most of the blame. And so he’s having to live through that and I’m hoping he pulls through it because they do have a pretty talented team offensively."

First, it was Emmitt Smith saying the Cowboys would go 7-9 this season. Now, Dorsett's saying that Romo's an overhyped quarterback. Perhaps Jethro Pugh will emerge soon to complain about Igor Olshansky's work at the line of scrimmage. But honestly, Dorsett's correct on some of his points. I can't help but wonder whether Romo would be a different quarterback had a quarterback guru such as Norv Turner been hired. It almost happened.

Has anyone checked Philip Rivers' numbers lately?

I said this on the radio in Dallas on Tuesday and I'll say it again. The Cowboys thought Jason Garrett was a younger version of Turner. They thought he'd basically be able to accomplish with Romo what Turner could've accomplished. Now in Year 3 of the Phillips era, that hasn't come to fruition.