Giants scoping out rivals' castoffs

Remember Chris Horton? Yeah, me neither. But I was covering baseball in 2008, when Horton had three interceptions in 14 games as a rookie safety for the Washington Redskins. Horton tailed off due to injury in the ensuing seasons and didn't play at all in 2011, but there's something the New York Giants like about him, because he's apparently agreed to a deal with the Super Bowl champs.

Horton's signing is for special teams, but it has something in common with the rest of the Giants' activity since free agency opened -- he comes from a division rival. The Giants already have signed former Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett, and they had former Cowboys wide receiver/special teamer Kevin Ogletree in for a visit Thursday, although it's unclear whether they'll sign him.

Could be pure coincidence, of course. Could be the Giants are intrigued by players they've seen up close. Could be they're looking to sign guys who have inside information on the teams they play twice a year. Could be a combination of any or all of those. Just a little oddity worth pointing out as the Giants make little moves on the fringes of free agency, the way they like to do.