Should Eagles sign Plaxico Burress?

Adam Schefter was up early this morning taking some Twitter questions, and someone asked him whether the Bills might sign Plaxico Burress. Adam's response said, in part, "Philadelphia's the team to watch on Plax."

Now, Adam's not the type to just throw bits of speculation around. If he's saying that, he's heard something from someone about the possibility of Burress to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have two very good starting wide receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, so they're not a team that jumps to the front of your mind when you consider possible Burress destinations. But as it did last year when they didn't pursue him, it makes some sense if they can bring him in for a very specific role.

As Mike Sando writes in his rundown of remaining free-agent wideouts on the NFC West blog, Burress was one of the most popular and effective red zone targets in the league last year with the Jets. He'll be 35 when the season starts, and it's unlikely he's going to be able to fill a role for anyone as a full-time starter. But on a team like the Eagles, which has two good ones, he could be worked into certain packages and used in the red zone. That's a role that might pay off for a team and could be good for Burress, who might wear down under a starter's workload.

The issue is that the wide receiver market is sky-high right now, and as long as teams are throwing big money around at players like Laurent Robinson and Pierre Garcon, Burress has no reason to sign. If a team that needs a starter gets desperate enough, he still might be able to get a starter's job (and, perhaps more importantly, starter's money) somewhere. But if not -- if the market plays itself out and Burress is still sitting around and willing to take a lesser role for a reasonable price, it's something the Eagles should consider. They were pretty effective at cashing in red zone opportunities with LeSean McCoy and the running game last year, but another proven option down there couldn't hurt.