Chat wrap: Where the action is

I never imagined things would be this slow in the NFC East on the seventh day of free agency. But facts is facts, and since last week ended the facts are that not much has happened. I realized this morning that I didn't even do a "How was your day?" last night because everybody's day was so doggone dull.

But things are never dull in the chat, and we had a fun one Tuesday. Some highlights:

Sean Peters (DC): Hey Dan, what are your thoughts on what the possible departure of London Fletcher could mean for a young Redskins defense?

Dan Graziano: I think it would be a mistake for them to let him go. I know they're getting younger and he's 37 and so that doesn't obviously mesh. But he's a special case. He's like having another coach on the staff -- and one who's actually on the field with the guys during games. I know they love having their young linebackers around him, they love the leadership he brings on the field and in the locker room and that they want to have him back. I still think they'll keep him. As to why they haven't yet, I can't help you.

CP (Brooklyn): Dan, do you think Martellus Bennett will thrive in the Giants' system?

DG: For all the justified abuse Bennett took in Dallas as a disappointment, he was a very good blocking TE. I think he could be a nice pickup for the Giants if he can become a reliable pass-catcher. They don't need him to catch 60-70 balls, but if he can contribute something around 40 and block the way he did in Dallas, I bet they'll be happy.

Peyton (Minnesota): I find it hard to believe that the Cowboys would draft a corner in the first round and he would play the 4th spot with Orlando Scandrick, Mike Jenkins and Brandon Carr already taking the first 3 spots.

DG: I guess, but Jenkins is always hurt and Scandrick's really just a nickel corner. You can't be too deep at that position. The Giants took a CB in the first round last year even though they didn't appear to need one. It's not a terrible idea, if you really like the player.

Alex (Austin): You always repeatedly say you aren't a fan of any NFL teams, but the best in your business (Simmons, Wilbon) openly admit to being homers and it makes their writing more personable and entertaining. Why don't you just embrace a bias towards your favorite team?

DG: Well, I can't make it up. Those guys have favorite teams. I don't. You want me to lie?

Danatio (Philly): Mr Pineapple, Have you heard anything about the Eagles talking to any linebackers? I know there was the Gerald McCoy twitter rumor of Curtis Lofton to Philly, but has anything happened there? Are they thinking their current group will just improve this offseason?

DG: No, I think they'll add. And this might help answer the Fletcher question, too, but the LB market has developed very slowly. Very few linebackers have signed at all, and the ones at the top of the market have yet to find homes. It's not a position teams really prioritize, and the Eagles are smartly waiting to see what develops rather than jumping the market and overpaying.

We do it every Tuesday at noon ET, folks, and all are welcome.