Cowboys, Giants each pick up a pick

The NFL has announced that 15 teams have been awarded a total of 32 compensatory picks in next month's draft. The New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys are two of those teams, each picking up an additional pick at the end of the fourth round as a result of their 2011 free-agent activity.

The Giants now have the 36th pick in the first round (131st pick overall) because they lost free agents Barry Cofield, Steve Smith and Kevin Boss last offseason and signed David Baas and Steve Weatherford. The Cowboys get the 40th pick in the fourth round (135th overall) because they lost Stephen Bowen and Sam Hurd in free agency and signed Abram Elam.

Not every free agent is deemed to have compensatory-pick value, based on the league's formula that takes into account salary, playing time and postseason honors. But if the overall value, according to that formula, of compensatory free agents lost in a given offseason outweighs the value of compensatory free agents signed, teams are compensation with these additional picks. The placement of the picks is determined by the formula as well.

The Eagles and Redskins do not get compensatory picks, because the overall value of the free agents they signed in 2011 is deemed by the formula to be equal to or greater than the overall value of the free agents they lost.