Goodell: Bounty investigation still open

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Last week, when the NFL imposed discipline against the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams for the bounty program that went on in New Orleans, I wrote that the Washington Redskins were in the clear. In spite of Washington's having once employed Williams as its defensive coordinator and been part of the league's investigation into the bounty matter, the league's release announcing the Saints' penalties seemed to indicate that Williams' former employers were not at risk of being penalized. When I asked a league official whether the Redskins were in the clear, that official referred me to that section of the release.

However, when asked about this very issue at his news conference Monday evening at the NFL owners' meetings, commissioner Roger Goodell left open the possibility that further information could come to light that could implicate people and teams who have not been implicated.

"We haven't closed the investigation," Goodell said. "We haven't stopped investigating, and if we get new information, we'll act on it. We're not saying everybody's got a free pass here. If we get credible information, we're going to follow up on it."

There have been several reports recently in which former Redskins players, anonymous and otherwise, have discussed the bounty programs that were in place during Williams' time as Washington's defensive coordinator. So stay tuned on this, I guess. Still hard to imagine the Redskins could incur 2012 punishment for 2004-07 offenses, but in the NFL, you really never know.