The Beast: Eagles-Cowboys Collector's Edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


  • Brian Davis of the DMN praises T.O. for his two touchdowns. Confusing quote of the week goes to Jerry Jones, who said of T.O., "I think a lot of us are seeing things that haven't been apparent in what T.O. is all about as an individual, and that's a plus."


  • Phil Sheridan thinks Donovan McNabb was the best quarterback on the field Monday. Great line where Phil distances himself from the "unreasonable questions" about McNabb (talk radio and message boards). I dabble in the talk radio business, but I didn't take the line personally.

  • Nice column from Bob Ford in the Philly Inquirer on what may have been the Eagles final trip to Texas Stadium. Bob remained at Texas Stadium until the wee hours of Monday morning to help Philly.com work through some issues.

  • Fun column from Hofmann on Texas Stadium. He remembers a time when no one "peed in the sink" at the famous facility.