Breakfast links: Cowboys thinking Crimson

Friday. Links. Etc.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon thinks the best way for the Cowboys to go in the first round of the draft would be to take the best Alabama defensive player still available at No. 14. I do not think this is a bad idea.

For what it's worth, Nate Livings' former coach has nice things to say about him.

New York Giants

Giants guard Chris Snee had elbow surgery, and he talked about both that and the possibility of more changes this season on the Giants' offensive line.

Missed this Thursday, but Devin Thomas was a pretty valuable special teams contributor for the Giants, and will need to be replaced now that he's left for the Bears. There are several opportunities for Jerrel Jernigan this offseason if he'd like to seize them.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen doesn't think an Asante Samuel deal seems close. No real reason for the Eagles to do one now, anyway, with nearly four full weeks left until the draft.

A couple of quarterbacks are going to visit the Eagles for pre-draft visits, which reflects either Andy Reid's obsession with quarterbacks or the idea that the organization is thinking long-term about the position since its starter is 32 or both.

Washington Redskins

Jason Reid thinks Donovan McNabb may have had a point with his criticism of Mike and Kyle Shanahan on First Take on Thursday. I agree, as I wrote in my column on this subject. My only point was that McNabb conveniently overlooked his own role in the issues he had there.

Jammal Brown is taking yoga classes to help his troublesome hip heal. If the Redskins don't sign another tackle, they're going to be counting on Brown to finally be able to stay healthy for a full season.