Breakfast links: Victor's still Cruz-ing

You guys see this on Twitter this morning? Jim Irsay says he passed Robert Griffin III going the other way during his morning run and waved hello, but Griffin didn't wave back. Acted like he didn't even see him. Later, he saw him in Starbucks, but Griffin pretended to be texting the whole time Irsay tried to get his attention even though it looked to Irsay like the phone wasn't even on.

Weird. I think we should spend the day pondering what this means about the first two picks in the draft. Gonna need sustenance. How about some links?

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett went to Alabama's pro day last week, and now three Alabama defensive players are among the 30 players scheduled for pre-draft visits with the Cowboys. Man, if I believed anything that happened three weeks before the draft offered legitimate clues about what teams were going to do, I'd consider this a sign that the Cowboys like those Alabama guys.

Brandon Carr was a right cornerback in Kansas City but expects to play on the left side in Dallas. Not sure how much this matters. Kind of depends on which side of the field the other team assigns to its best receiver, right?

New York Giants

Speaking of Carr, Victor Cruz said he doesn't care about what Carr said the other day about keeping Cruz from salsa dancing in 2012. Cruz also says he has no plans to hold out, in spite of a comment he made earlier in the offseason about thinking he deserved more money. Cruz is one cool cat.

The Giants like Dave Tollefson and have made an effort to re-sign him. But as the interest from other teams piles up, it looks less and less likely that they'll be able to bring him back. If he leaves, that probably makes it even less likely that they trade Osi Umenyiora.

Philadelphia Eagles

I don't put any stock into the Eagles' reported interest in Ryan Tannehill, since I don't think they will draft him. I am intrigued, however, by this idea of Michael Floyd. Most projections have the Eagles going defense in the first round, but another fun passing-game weapon for Michael Vick wouldn't be a terrible idea.

Jason Peters' ankle surgery was successful, as all professional sports surgeries seem to be, but his replacement is still a mystery, as the Eagles continue efforts to plug a big new hole that opened up unexpectedly last week.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins' free-agent signing pace has slowed down since the opening week, but that has nothing to do with a lack of salary cap space. Washington still has plenty of it, in spite of their early signings and the $18 million penalty imposed by the league.

Eddie Royal says his decision to choose the Chargers over the Redskins was based in large part on the fact that the Chargers' quarterback is already an established star while the Redskins' next quarterback, whatever he becomes down the road, will of course be a rookie in 2012.