Breakfast links: First-round roundup

Well, that was interesting. Three of our division's teams traded up in the frantic first round of the NFL draft Thursday night. The Redskins at least had the decency to make their trade last month. The Cowboys and Eagles had me scrambling. But it was a fun night to be at Radio City, and I imagine the day-after links should and will focus on the players our teams selected. For kicks, we'll do the links in draft order today.

Washington Redskins

Jason Reid writes that Robert Griffin III has a chance to be the player who redeems Daniel Snyder's entire tenure as owner of the Redskins. That would be some kind of trick, right there.

Rich Campbell spent a whirlwind week in New York City with the new face of the Redskins, and he offers some observations on what young Mr. Griffin is all about. I have to say, my limited experience tells me this is a difficult guy not to like.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys didn't think they'd have a shot at Morris Claiborne. When they found out they did, they were only too happy to trade the Rams their first- and second-round picks to get him. Calvin has the story on how the trade went down. Hey, the kid's a stud. I have no doubt he'll be a great player for Dallas. I just question the wisdom of using two picks on one player, given their many needs. That's all.

Claiborne won't get on the field anytime soon. He had wrist surgery after the combine and looks as though he'll have to miss OTAs and that stuff. But the Cowboys say they expect him for training camp.

Philadelphia Eagles

Fletcher Cox was the player the Eagles wanted, Bob Ford writes -- a help for the present and the future that didn't cost the Eagles either of their second-round picks or their third-rounder to move up and get. I did like the Eagles' move. They can continue to look for starter-caliber guys with three picks tonight.

The Philadelphia Daily News' capsule on Cox has some interesting information about his hometown of Yazoo City, Miss., including its star turn as the butt of a joke in the Chevy Chase movie "Fletch Lives."

New York Giants

Ohm points out that David Wilson might be able to help the Giants in the return game as well as in the running back corps, which is a good point. The Giants appear to love what he brings as a player and an athlete, and will find a spot for him to help. It's what they do.

If the Wilson pick proves anything, on the heels of the Jason Pierre-Paul pick two years ago, it's that the Giants like to take dudes who can do a lot of backflips.