Back to defense, Redskins pick up an OLB

The Washington Redskins had an extra fourth-round draft pick this year, No. 109 overall, as a result of the Jason Campbell trade with Oakland two years ago. When that pick came around, they traded it to the Steelers for the No. 119 overall pick and what appears to be a sixth-rounder (No. 193 overall). And when the 119th pick came around, the Redskins used it to select Texas linebacker Keenan Robinson.

I still think the Redskins need to be doing more on the offensive line here, but they do look for specific types of linemen for their zone-blocking schemes, and it's possible they have their eyes on some guys they can get in the later rounds. Meantime, they did need some depth in the linebacking corps, and Robinson offers that.

The knock on Robinson is that he's too much of a finesse player and not aggressive or physical enough. But he does have good speed, athleticism and tackling instincts when he gets there, so I guess if they can find a way to make him a little meaner they could have a player on their hands. And as with any linebacker the Redskins bring in, exposure to people like London Fletcher and Brian Orakpo can only help a guy develop his game as a professional.

Me, I thought they'd go quarterback again. Kellen Moore was still on the board, after all, and they've only drafted two so far. ...