Giants get their new tight end in fourth

The New York Giants drafting for need? Quick, somebody check and make sure death and taxes are still OK.

The Giants love to take the best player available, stressing value and using the draft as a means of building and maintaining a deep roster rather than drafting to fill immediate needs. But they've made four picks now, and each of the four appears to have at least something to do with filling a current roster hole.

The latest was the 32nd pick in the fourth round, which the Giants used to take tight end Adrien Robinson from Cincinnati. Yes, they already signed Martellus Bennett in free agency, but remember, they lost two tight ends to torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, so there was room for another. After using their first three picks on a running back, a wide receiver and a cornerback -- all positions from which they lost 2011 contributors to free agency -- they used their fourth to help fill a hole created by injury.

It's not strictly a need pick, though. Since it's the Giants, it's still a smart value pick. Remember, there was talk during mock-draft season of the Giants taking a tight end such as Coby Fleener or Dwayne Allen in the first or second rounds. But the Giants didn't think taking a tight end that early would have maximized the value of those early-round picks, and it's possible they had their eye on Robinson as a mid-round value pick all along. Robinson has great athletic ability, great speed and great size (6-4, 267) for the tight end position. He may be a project tight end, but the Giants love their tight ends coach and they love the track record their coaching staff and veteran players have of developing draft picks into contributors to championship teams.