Haynesworth: We're not 'overlooking' Lions

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

For some reason, Albert Haynesworth's not speaking to the media in Washington. During the preseason, he was more than happy to chat with reporters, so I'm not sure what the boycott's about. Surely he's not sensitive about all the focus on his enormous contract, right?

Well, he did make an exception for the Lions media because reporters wanted to ask him about his former defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Haynesworth paid the Lions a compliment and took a swipe at the Rams at the same time. Asked if he was worried about his team looking past the Lions, Haynesworth said: "I'm not overlooking the Lions. We scored nine points against the Rams last week. You think we'll overlook the Lions? I think the Lions are a lot better than the Rams."