Cowboys stay local with TE pick Hanna

If you've been following along on Twitter (@ESPN_NFCEast), then you know I'm not in love with the Dallas Cowboys' draft to this point. I do not think they have done a good job of maximizing the value of their picks. Obviously, we can't predict how, when or how much any of these guys is going to play, so it remains to be seen whether the guys they're taking are impact guys in the NFL or not. But I don't think their draft, through the first five rounds, shows a strong understanding of the value of the picks. They've also been taking nothing but project guys (other than Morris Claiborne), and for a team that needed a lot of immediate help, I'm not agreeing with that strategy.

But I kind of like their sixth-round pick, Oklahoma tight end James Hanna. I don't know if he can replace Martellus Bennett as their second tight end behind Jason Witten, but he looks the part (6-4, 252) and he has the physical tools, speed and athleticism to succeed in the NFL if he puts in the work and learns what he needs to learn to make the transition. He wasn't a big-time producer at Oklahoma in spite of those skills, however, which makes you wonder, but at this point in the draft the Cowboys could do a lot worse than to find a guy with those kinds of tools at a position of need. Plus, he's a local kid from Flower Mound, Texas, so if he hits it big that's a cool story.

The Cowboys have one more pick -- the 15th one in the seventh round.