Breakfast links: Return of Angry Osi

A new week dawns. The NFL draft is behind us. And while the Cowboys fans have risen up against me in defense of the draft acumen of a man who charges them $75 to park at home games, I think we can all agree to move on to more worthwhile, forward-thinking pursuits. To do so, we will unquestionably require links.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin's notebook indicates that the Cowboys would still move cornerback Mike Jenkins in the right deal, but that they haven't been able to drum up much interest. I wouldn't trade Jenkins just to trade him -- even with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne on the roster now. Depth is important at that spot, and Jenkins played well last year when healthy. That last part is, of course, the concern, and for that reason, Calvin also writes, the Cowboys would like to have Jenkins around more than he's been.

Jason Garrett says that fifth-round pick Danny Coale is "in the mix" at the No. 3 receiver spot, though I think that says more about the other candidates than it says about Danny. I don't believe that Coale's presence will deter the Cowboys from continue to hunt for a nice bargain candidate or two from among the remaining veteran wide receivers on the market. Coale likely will need some adjustment time to the NFL, and his size could make that adjustment difficult. Real good college player with a chance to make it as a pro, but don't be sold on him as the Laurent Robinson replacement just yet.

New York Giants

Well, Osi Umenyiora's mad. Says Jerry Reese going out and telling everyone that he's offered him a contract extension without providing the details of those offers has had the effect of making Osi look like "a greedy pig." And he's got a point. Umenyiora says he was offered half of what Mathias Kiwanuka just got, and the tone of this e-mail he sent to some beat writers indicates that his claims last weekend about how happy he was for Kiwanuka might have been somewhat disingenuous. You know where I am on this. I think they missed a good chance to trade Umenyiora while his value was high. When phrases like "greedy pig" start getting tossed around, you're generally not near a solution.

Six of the Giants' 10 undrafted free agents play offense, according to this list. I think it's worth paying attention to the offensive linemen on the list especially, given the Giants' need to build depth and a future there. But seeing a UMass wide receiver among the Giants' undrafteds has to give Giants fans -- not to mention Victor Cruz -- a smile.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles needed to shore up their run defense, yes. But at the top of the draft, the defensive players they selected were picked mainly for their ability to help keep the pass defense strong, as Paul Domowitch writes, because that's the most important thing you can do on defense in today's NFL.

This report says that undrafted free-agent running back Chris Polk chose the Eagles over the Redskins. Indeed, Polk's college tape (not to mention his college numbers) indicate that he could be a steal, and the Eagles have two intriguing high-upside running back prospects in him and seventh-round pick Bryce Brown. Sure, it's possible neither will ever see the field. But worth taking a shot on both, given the price.

Washington Redskins

After their first pick, the Redskins focused their draft on depth, which has been Mike Shanahan's buzz word for this offseason since before it began.

Among those surprised that the Redskins drafted quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round after taking Robert Griffin III in the first was Cousins himself. This is an example of the depth thing again -- specifically the Redskins' effort to get better and deeper at a position at which they were season-sinkingly awful last year. Cousins is saying all of the right things, and at this point a Griffin injury is the only way Cousins is going to see the field.