NFL Power Rankings: Eagles move up

Today on ESPN.com, the fallout from the NFL draft takes the form of offseason Power Rankings. Here's a look at the way each of the NFC East's teams fared in the latest round of voting:

1. New York Giants (Previous rank: 1). So the deal is, four of our five Power Rankings voters (all but John Clayton) have a rule that the Super Bowl champ holds the No. 1 ranking until more games are played. So the Giants rank first on four of the five ballots (5th on Clayton's) and first overall. I don't agree with this rule, since I thought the point of the offseason Power Rankings was to assess the impact of the offseason moves on the relative strengths of all of the teams, and isn't it possible that the team at the top can be weakened by losing players to other teams? I've communicated this sentiment to my friends and colleagues on the voting panel, and to their everlasting credit, they have responded that they couldn't care less what I think. Paul Kuharsky emailed me a detailed map of nearby lakes into which he invited me to jump. I've never respected him more. Anyway, yeah, the 9-7 NFC East champs are the No. 1 team. Pineapples all around.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (12). The Eagles are the biggest mover-uppers in the rankings, jumping five spots from the rankings that came out after the first week of free agency. No one else moved more than three spots in either direction. Everybody loves the Eagles' offseason. I love the Eagles' offseason. It's had more hits than the Phillies get in a typical three-game series. But you know what? We all loved the Eagles' offseason last year, too. Fool me once, shame on you and all that. Yeah, I think the Eagles will be good. But let's see it, right?

14. Dallas Cowboys (14). The Cowboys stay put, having added basically one player in the draft that's expected to have any real 2012 impact. They were 8-8. They're ranked in the middle of the pack. They could be better, but everybody wants to see how they play on defense before assuming they will just because they have a great quarterback and great receivers. This is, I believe, wise.

25. Washington Redskins (25). The RG3 hype hasn't escaped the Beltway and reached the hearts and minds of the Power Rankings voters just yet. I know Ashley Fox was at the draft and heard the young man talk, and I see she has the Skins at 24. Kuharsky's got them up at 21. Right direction, long way to go is the general feeling about the Redskins. They could jump some of those teams in front of them, but I agree that their offseason hasn't made it clear-cut that they should, yet, in a poll such as this.