Minicamp dates announced

On Wednesday, the league put out a press release announcing the dates of offseason team activities and minicamps. The full list can be found here. The rules state that teams may hold a rookie minicamp on one of the first two weekends after the draft and may also hold a mandatory camp for veterans. New head coaches can hold one additional voluntary camp for returning players, but there are no new head coaches in the NFC East this year, just as I continually assured you there would not be when you kept asking me that question throughout the 2011 season.

Here are the offseason schedules for our teams:

Dallas Cowboys

OTA: May 22-24, May 29-31, June 4-7

Minicamp: May 4-6 (rookies), June 12-14

New York Giants

OTA: May 23-24, May 30-June 1, June 4-5, June 7-8

Minicamp: May 11-13 (rookies), June 12-14

Philadelphia Eagles

OTA: May 22-24, May 30-June 1, June 4-7

Minicamp: May 12-14 (rookies), June 12-14

Washington Redskins

OTA: May 21, May 23-24, May 29-31, June 4-7

Minicamp: May 4-6 (rookies), June 12-14