Another comeback for Gibbs?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Made you look. Actually, Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs is helping coach his 10-year-old grandson Jackson's youth-league football team in Davidson, N.C. Gibbs, who was in Washington, D.C. for a charity event, said his son volunteered him for the new coaching gig without talking to him.

"J.D. said, 'You're gonna help coach,'" Gibbs said told reporters Thursday. "I went, 'What?' I went out the first day with these 10-year-olds and I said, 'OK, now, get your split and take your stance.' They all went like this [Gibbs simulates a 10-year-old wearing an expression of disbelief]. 'Oh my gosh,' I said. 'I'm used to messing up 30-year-olds, not 10-year-olds.'"

From what I'm told, Gibbs' run-based offense is a good fit for the Sharks. He's also used to dealing with short receivers, although he continues to have problems in the red zone.

Gibbs said he watched a little bit of the season-opener but none of the Saints game Sunday. it sounds like he's truly enjoying his retirement from pro football. He did make time to have breakfast with his successor, Jim Zorn, before a recent preseason game in Charlotte. Not sure what he said that morning, but Zorn's team went out and lost, 47-3. Gibbs told Zorn he had "a lot harder time" at the start, nothing that he lost his first five games as a head coach in 1981.

"We talked about numerous things as far as the head coach going through things," Gibbs said. "But he's been in the league a ton. He's been a great player in the league. I don't think he's gonna need much help."

Gibbs also had some kind words for Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell. He doesn't think playing in a new offense will stunt the quarterback's development.

"I think Jason's the right guy for Washington," Gibbs said. "He's the right kind of person. I think you put him in whatever offense you want and he's gonna do well. I think he can move around, so he's athletic enough. He's got an arm. He's a student. He studies. This year, he knows quarterbacks are judged on wins and losses, and I think he stepped up last week and really answered a lot of questions and played well in the fourth quarter from my understanding."