How do you want your links?

Working off of last Saturday's request from the immortal Justin from B-more, we have been varying the order of the daily breakfast links this week. We've had four days, and four different orders, with each of our division's teams taking a turn atop the list. We have become an unassailable paragon of fairness.

However, there are only four teams in the division, and we do links five days a week. This leaves a quandary: In what order do we do the links on Friday? I am, as I explained Saturday, leaving this up to you. Give me your ideas, either here, on Twitter or in the mailbag. I will choose one of your ideas. Could be the most logical one. Could be the most ridiculous one. Could be the one that makes me laugh the hardest. I honestly don't know how I'll decide. This is our first day doing this. But remember, no matter what I decide, it was someone else's idea, so ... you know ... blame them.

I await your most creative Thursday morning ideas for our Friday morning links.