Coughlin, Giants just say 'no' to Plaxico

If you're New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, Plaxico Burress is a guy who helped win you your first Super Bowl. But he's also a guy who shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed weapon at a crowded nightclub, effectively sabotaging the following season's attempt at a title defense and had to go to jail, where he was of little help to your offense the following year.

Oh, and he's also the guy who ripped you in an interview around the time he was released from prison, then visited your office and expressed contrition last summer while (as it turns out) blatantly using you and your team to help him get a higher offer from a team (in the same market) for which he really wanted to play and, about a month later, ripped you in another magazine interview.

So, while I can understand that the question may have needed to be asked in the wake of Hakeem Nicks' foot injury, I am not surprised that Coughlin answered it in the negative. Per Art Stapleton:

Regardless of how quickly Hakeem Nicks' fractured foot heals, Tom Coughlin insisted Tuesday morning the Giants have no plans of entertaining the idea of a return to Big Blue for Plaxico Burress.

Asked if the reigning Super Bowl champions would consider signing Burress, Coughlin shook his head and mouthed "No."

Coughlin's a polite guy, is all I can say to this. While I don't think the Giants coach is the grudge-holding sort, Burress has done everything in his power to burn this particular bridge and defecate on its ashes. I'm sure it's possible Burress will play for an NFL team in 2012, but I think every receiver on the Giants' roster could break a bone in his foot and that team still wouldn't be the Giants.