Breakfast links: Vokle mailbag, take two

Yes, last week's attempt to host a live video mailbag via Vokle was a total disaster, as both the video and the audio stopped working as soon as we went live. However, a large number of people did show up to try to watch it, and the good folks at Vokle spent some time with us late last week to help us work out the kinks. So we're going to try it again. Check back on the blog at 2 p.m. ET today for what we hope and believe will be a live video mailbag -- a chance to ask questions via your computer's webcam and have me answer them live. I hope you'll give us another chance at it. More details to come. Meanwhile, links.

Washington Redskins

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III has the hottest-selling jersey on NFLShop.com in the month of May. The NFL released the sales figures since April 1, and Griffin ranked third behind Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow (who switched teams) and two spots ahead of Giants quarterback Eli Manning (the highest ranking for any player who's not a rookie or on a new team), but RG3 is the top seller in May. Not a surprise. There have to be Redskins fans out there who haven't been excited enough about a player in years to buy any jersey at all. Griffin has taken the town by storm before he's even thrown a real pass.

Ryan Kerrigan expects himself and the Redskins' pass rush as a whole to be better in his second season. Kerrigan was an excellent pass-rusher as a rookie, but with a full season behind him and a full offseason ahead of him, he has reason to feel as though the NFL game is finally slowing down for him a bit.

Dallas Cowboys

Add Tampa Bay to the list of markets that think their team would benefit from acquiring Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins. But the Buccaneers were already on the list of 31 teams that probably aren't going to get him, because the Cowboys have no good reason to trade him.

And Blogging the Boys writes on the forgotten but potentially very important Cowboys free-agent signing -- backup quarterback Kyle Orton.

New York Giants

Hakeem Nicks told Tom Coughlin that he'd be recovered from his broken foot in time to start training camp. However, like many professional athletes, Nicks is not a doctor, and so there remains the strong chance that this is just brave talk. And besides, what's the rush? It's not as though Nicks needs to learn the offense or develop a rapport with the quarterback. The original 12-week recovery timetable gets him back in time for the Giants' second preseason game. Why risk further injury by rushing back? I'm sure the Giants will take great care to make sure Nicks is ready in time for the start of the regular season, as much as I'm sure they'd love to have him on the field with them in Albany.

Sticking with the theme, second-year Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara is running for the first time since having an offseason procedure to help promote healing in the foot he broke last year in training camp. Amukamara's injury is the same as Nicks', but when you read in that story that he needed 15 weeks to get back, it's important to remember that he was a rookie and the Giants wanted him to be up to speed in more ways than just physical. Amukamara's recovery time should not be used as a pinpoint gauge of what to expect for that of Nicks.

Philadelphia Eagles

Second-year defensive coordinator Juan Castillo says he'd "take a bullet" for Eagles coach Andy Reid. Surely, that won't be necessary, but Castillo isn't shy about expressing emotion in interviews, and it's clear that the way Reid stood up for him last year has only fortified an already strong friendship. Castillo uses it as further motivation to build on what he believes was real progress by the defense late in the 2011 season.

Much attention will focus on the safety duo of Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, who project to be the starters at this point. They feel as though they're in this thing together.