Cruz, Garcon, Nicks are 'matchup-busters'

Our man K.C. Joyner has an Insider piece up on the top "matchup-busting" wide receivers in the NFL. As is his wont, K.C. uses a variety of formulas to compile his list, and his top "matchup-busters" are the receivers who compile the best yards-per-attempt average against the defensive backs he rates as the best in the league. As this is an Insider piece, corporate protocol prohibits me from giving away too much. But I can tell you that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz ranks second on K.C.'s list, behind only the Buccaneers' Vincent Jackson.

K.C.'s formula also ranks new Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon No. 11 on the list, just ahead of Detroit mega-star Calvin Johnson. Garcon's YPA against top defensive backs was 8.1 for the season, though K.C. points out that it dropped off significantly as the year went along and was just 3.8 after Week 8. As we've discussed, Garcon's quarterback situation in Indianapolis last year was a miserable one, and the fact that he showed big-play ability against tough competition early in the year is encouraging. But the late-season dropoff does mean that he needs to prove it was not just a fluke.

The No. 15 ranked wideout on the list is NFC East blog favorite Hakeem Nicks. Everybody knows how I feel about Nicks.

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